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Ruth Anne Mak, Usui Tibetan / Karuna® Reiki Master

霊 気



Reiki SessionReiki is gentle, relaxing, and soothing energy that flows through the Reiki practitioner to flow through the client. It is universal life energy that is the life energy that flows between the stars, through and around all living creatures, and is energy that when flowing easily makes us feel energized and balanced. Since the energy is powerful and gentle it never does harm and goes wherever is it needed for each person in that particular moment. When our energy is blocked we tend to feel worn out, stressed, and are more vulnerable to illness. When a client receives a Reiki session in person he simply lies fully clothed on the Reiki table and relaxes to allow the energy to flow, and he may feel warmth, tingling, twitching of a muscle, or simply drift off to a restful sleep. I do not give you Reiki from myself, but allow the energy to flow through me to flow to where you need it, so you are not receiving my energy, but the powerful and gentle Reiki energy.

The Reiki practitioner is trained to channel Reiki energy and allow it to flow where the receiver needs it most, and may use gentle touch or no touch if the client prefers. A typical session lasts an hour to an hour and a half, but length depends on each person’s needs. Reiki opens up the chakras and allows energy to flow through the body’s energy meridians, or energy pathways, and balances and sooths the body’s energy field. To put it simply, we all have an energy field in and around us, and just as you may be uncomfortable if someone stands too close to you, which is in your energy field or aura, it is common for energy to become blocked along the pathways and chakras and the body and spirit to become vulnerable to illness and stress. Reiki does not cure a person of disease and stress, but helps the person to feel more relaxed, energetic, is wonderful for anxiety, and balances energy to allow the body to be in the best condition to heal itself.

Reiki Sessions in or Near Florence, AL

I give Reiki sessions in Florence and can come to your location locally in Florence if you are unable to come to me. I also provide distance Reiki sessions sent to your location anywhere you happen to be located. If you are unable to get on a Reiki table we can use a chair instead, and if at your home a chair, wheelchair, or hospital bed will work as well. If you are interested in a Reiki session in my home in Florence or at your location please contact me.

Distance Reiki

The first time I experienced Reiki was distance Reiki, and when my friend offered to send me some I really didn’t expect the warmth and tingling I experienced. I felt relaxed and drowsy, and within a few minutes I floated off to complete relaxation and then drifted off to sleep deeply for almost twelve hours! Since I usually sleep for 6-7 hours I was amazed, and when I awoke I knew I had to learn Reiki to give myself and share with everyone around me. Sending Reiki to someone anywhere in the world is possible because the energy is the life energy that some would call God’s energy and Divine and some would call Universal or universal, depending on the person’s belief system. Since energy that powerful knows no time or physical limits, receiving distance Reiki is a powerful yet relaxing experience. Since it was amazing enough to draw me to learn Reiki and want to teach it to others from one distance session, I am confident that you will find it relaxing and enjoyable as well.

For distance sessions we simply arrange a time for you to relax and lie with arms and legs uncrossed if possible in a quiet place or with music of your choice, you allow the positive energy to flow through you, and I will send you approximately an hour of Reiki, working to balance your chakras and energy pathways just as I would do in person. Then I would email you feedback as to what I found, felt, and experienced while I sent you energy and as I completed your session. I would answer and questions you might have regarding what you experienced as well. If you would like to experience distance Reiki please contact me.

Reiki for animals

Reiki and shamanic techniques also work for animals, but the approach is a bit different. Energy work can be done in person or at a distance, just as it does with people, and I also ask permission from the animals when I offer Reiki or other energy, just as I would from a person. Yes, they are able to give permission or refuse, although I have only rarely had an animal refuse. I don't approach animals with the energy directly, but first ask permission and gently offer my hands palms up so that they can feel it is positive energy that isn't a threat.


Once I have begun and they have accepted me in their energy field I ask them what they need, how they feel (and yes, they feel), if there is something they aren't getting that they need, and I scan them and get a feel for what is going on with them. If I am giving them a Reiki session I proceed with that just as I would with a human client, and I give feedback to the owner. The lovely part of giving Reiki or doing other energy work with animals is that they are often open to the energy and without the layers of privacy that people tend to have, so they usually respond well to energy work. I have worked with horses, dogs, cats, and even wild animals around my home (not with my hands on them), and I have done distance work with all of the above and a few other species. Each animal is different, so working on each requires using whichever methods is best for that individual.

Reiki for land and buildings

Reiki and shamanic energy is wonderful for protection and cleansing of land and buildings as well. I use several techniques to cleanse land and homes or businesses, and the feel of a location changes after negative energy is released. If land has been the site of intensely energetic events, or if the negative energy from past people or events become stuck at a location, the feel of the place will be affected in the present. That is why it is important to keep our homes, businesses, and land free of energy that can affect us now.

Fees for Reiki Sessions

  • My Home – $50.00 per session (usually 1-1.5 hours)
  • Distance Reiki – Sent to your location at an arranged time at $45.00 per session (usually approximately an hour) with feedback.

La Ho Chi

This very powerful, yet still gentle energy channels the energy of a group of angels (or energy beings if you see them as such) known as the La Ho Chi (sometimes written as La-Ho-Chi or LaHoChi or LaHo Chi). Coming through at an intensely powerful frequency, this energy can promote healing of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues at a very deep level. I find La Ho Chi to be especially effective to assist with deep healing of physical, emotional, and energetic issues that require even more intense energy than Reiki alone. I use La Ho Chi alongside Reiki at times, and I also offer La Ho Chi sessions that are helpful for those with chronic or acute pain, or anyone who wishes to experience deep relaxation and balanced energy.

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki combines the gentle, relaxing energy of Reiki with shamanic work with nature, guides who may have messages for us that can help with issues in our lives, and the release of energy that isn’t helping our balance and health. Shamanic Reiki is another tool that works well with Usui/Tibetan Reiki and alongside La Ho Chi, and is an effective tool to enhance Reiki and promote balance and relaxation. Carrying around old or negative energy can keep us stuck in old habits and keep us drawn to unhealthy situations, and Shamanic Reiki uses both gentle Reiki energy and shamanic methods to help remove that energy, which often helps us move forward and live with joy and peace in our lives.

I evaluate each client and offer whatever services I believe will be most helpful at a given time, and any energy is of course given with an explanation and permission of the client. All the above methods are gentle, powerful, and very relaxing.

I also offer multiple session packages for all services listed above as well and individual session rates. If you have questions or are interested in a session please contact me.

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