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Ruth Anne Mak, Usui Tibetan / Karuna® Reiki Master

霊 気

Books by Ruth Anne Mak

Reiki I - An Intuitive, Shamanic Approach to Usui Reiki

This book is a Reiki I class manual that provides a solid foundation for Usui Reiki from an intuitive, shamanic perspective. It includes Reiki ethics, techniques, history, information for giving shamanic Usui Reiki to humans and animals, reference pages for quick access, pictures of hand positions, techniques for protection, and instruction for using intuition and Reiki guidance to enhance the session.

While it is designed as a manual, it is written in a conversational style that connects the class instruction with practical applications for daily life. If a reader is considering Reiki training, is taking a class, or wishes to gain more tools and a different perspective of Reiki than previous classes may have offered, this book will be the perfect companion.

114 Pages, ISBN: 9798672862378

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Available in Paperback or Kindle

Reiki 1 An Intuitive, Shamanic Approach to Usui Reiki