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霊 気

Shamanic Services / Classes

Shamanic ServicesShamanic techniques are generally a bit different than Reiki techniques, but work well as part of a Reiki session or separately as a ceremony in which I work with my guides to help clients either welcome back parts of themselves that may be missing, remember what they are here in this life to accomplish, or to help them release energy that may be held around or inside them. Generally I have the client relax on my Reiki table while I journey for whatever is appropriate for them at that time. A journey is similar to a meditative state where I journey to my guides and ask them to bring whatever whatever the client needs to share with him or her, and I work closely with guides and compassionate spirits to learn whatever is needed for the person to begin or continue his or her healing work.

Although some use the word shaman to only refer to Native American or other indigenous tribal healers or medicine people, the term generally refers to one who works in the worlds of living people and the spirit world with guides while in a particular type of meditative state. There is often a simple ceremony involved, and the person is given information to use to embark on his or her healing path. Some who are not Native American or of indigenous tribes are called to do shamanic work, and I was called to do this work many years ago. Since then I have studied with ethical and knowledgeable shamanic practitioners and learned much from my guides, and I offer shamanic services because I have experienced what a profound difference they can make in a person’s life and want to share with those who wish to experience it as well.

Shamanic Services Offered

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic ceremony/technique during which I ask my guides to bring you back any whole and pure parts of yourself that may have left to be safe during some traumatic event in your life. The event may be something obviously traumatic or something that didn’t seem too traumatic at the time, but still causes a part, or aspect of you to leave to avoid damage. Some examples might be an illness, accident, loss, divorce, or any event where a person might be changed or lose a part of his or her innocence, as in, “after that happened I felt as if I could never trust again” or “I have been terrified that if I drove I would be hit again”. Often people will not realize what has changed about themselves, but will just feel that something is missing.

When I perform a soul retrieval ceremony, you simply relax on the Reiki table and I journey for you to ask that I be given whatever you need at that time in your life. When I am finished I return the fragments/aspects that you need back at that time in your life and share with you what my guides asked me to pass on to you as a healing story for you to consider. When you have those parts back that you need you can live a fuller life and welcome the parts of yourself back to stay and help you feel whole again.

After a soul retrieval information regarding what was in your healing story may take a few weeks or even months to fully process, but since the fragments/aspects of you weren’t ones I chose for you, but instead were brought to me for you, they will have.

Please allow two hours of time for your soul retrieval, since you will want time to process after. If you feel this service is right for you or would like more information, please contact me.

Soul Remembrance

Soul Remembrance is a shamanic ceremony during which I journey for you while you lie comfortably on my Reiki table. I ask my guides to bring to me the basic purpose you came in to achieve, perform, or experience during this lifetime. This can be a profound experience that can help clients understand why they may be drawn to a certain situation or occupation, clarify what path they are on, or help them embrace a part of themselves that they had tried to dismiss as unnecessary. I also ask for any challenges you are here to overcome in this lifetime so you can be aware of the importance of why patterns in your life may repeat themselves or obstacles keep returning. After the journey I bring you back what the guides brought me to give to you with a healing story that you can use to enhance your life and move forward.

Sometimes people ask for a soul remembrance if they have felt lost or as if they are stuck and can’t seem to find the path they want to take or what their purpose is in life. I have seen clients reassured that there is a reason they have always loved a particular activity or career and other clients realize why they have felt lost or stuck. Either way, soul remembrance can be a powerful tool to help us live as we were meant to and move out of negative patterns we may have been repeating for years.

Please allow two hours of time for your soul remembrance, since you will want time to process after I give you the healing story. If you feel this service is right for you or would like more information, please contact me.

Retrieval of Power Animal, Animal or Spirit Guide, or Messenger

This is a ceremony in which you relax on my Reiki table and I journey for you to bring back an animal guide, messenger, or spirit guide for you. I ask my guides to bring any guides that are appropriate for you at that time. Sometimes when we are experiencing a difficult time in our lives we could use a bit of help along the way, or you may simply wish to find a wise companion who is available to bring a message or walk with you on your path. If you are interested in this service, pleaes contact me.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression as I provide it is a process where a client wishes to know the basis for an issue, fear, or connection to another person that isn't accounted for in this life. Although it is not a shamanic ceremony per se, I provide this service using shamanic techniques. The client relaxes as she or he is led to find a guide to assist with the process after the intention for the journey back to the appropriate time/place is set. The client does not engage with or experience whatever happened in that past life, but simply observes and learns. I journey with the client and guide to make sure all goes well and that all questions are answered, and then client and the guide come back to the present. Since no one gets involved with whatever happened before, but the needed memories are intact, the client can understand why something has been so hard and can heal and move forward.

Shamanic Classes/Workshops Offered

Shamanic Soul Remembrance and Soul Retrieval Class

This class is a one day Level II class that is designed for those who have completed Basic Shamanic Techniques class with me or the equivalent elsewhere. Students should have a basic understanding of journeying and working with guides, but expertise is not essential. The student will develop a deeper understanding of journeying and shamanic work, and the class is designed for those who want to learn to hold Soul Remembrance and Soul Retrieval ceremonies for others as well as to obtain information for themselves. Learning these techniques can be helpful for those who practice Reiki or would like to learn shamanic work to help others, but also for those who want the knowledge and techniques for themselves in daily life.

This class includes:

  • Review of basic shamanic techniques, including ethics, techniques, and safety
  • Shamanic journeys for specific guides who will assist with both ceremonies
  • Written materials with quick reference guides
  • Students will receive each of the two ceremonies
  • Students will have practice holding both ceremonies for others
  • Instruction and demonstration of techniques
  • Discussion of use of the techniques for self as well as others
  • Snacks and lunch
  • Certificate of completion
  • Availability for followup after class via email or phone and for assistance or questions

The fee for this class is $120, and I provide written material, snacks, lunch, and certificates. Prerequisite is completion of Basic Shamanic Techniques from my or equivalent elsewhere. Deposit and class fee can be applied toward a later class if cancellation is required. I teach in my home in Florence, Alabama, and my goal as a teacher is to empower students to use shamanic techniques in their daily lives or in a Reiki or shamanic practice.

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Basic Shamanic Techniques

Basic Shamanic Techniques is a one day workshop that is designed to give participants information and practice in shamanic journeying, finding and working with spirit guides, animal messengers, and to give participants guidelines for safety and ethics in shamanic journeying techniques. This workshop is a beginning level workshop and is for anyone interested in enhancing Reiki or other energy work, becoming closer to or finding guides to work with, or learning the basics of shamanic journeying. It is not an advanced workshop and does not teach advanced techniques, but is focused toward those who would like to know more about working with guides, journeying safely, get a good foundation for more advanced shamanic work, and to discover what it means to do energy work with or live more closely with compassionate guides of various types. All are welcome in this workshop and no prior experience is required.

The fee for the workshop is $125.00 and includes a light lunch, a bound manual, and a shamanic journey drumming cd for your use after class.

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Living Empathically

If you are very sensitive to the emotions and energy around you, feel overwhelmed when people are upset because you feel what they are feeling, if you have a “knowing” of how people feel or feel totally connected to everyone and everything without a clear sense of your own self, if you feel you need to fix people around you or take their pain because you feel it with them and understand it, if being in crowds or in stores with people feels overwhelming to you, or if you already know you are an empath, this class is for you!

Most sensitive people haven’t been taught as children how to embrace and develop their senses in healthy and joyful ways, and since I am an empath who has had to learn how to live with sensitivity I understand how difficult and confusing it can be.

Living Empathically is a one day class designed for those who live with being sensitive or empathic and wish to learn how to cope without taking on the emotions around them, feeling overwhelmed when around others, feeling used or burned out from caretaking due to absorbing the dysfunction or illness around you, or who want to learn how to live a balanced and joyful life that celebrates being sensitive instead of hiding it or being overwhelmed by it. I know how deeply news events, life events, and simple everyday living can affect a sensitive person, and I offer skills that can help you find a balance in your life.

We will discuss ethics, respect for self and others, why taking on others’ pain isn’t a good idea, boundaries, and protection, and students will learn the basic energetic techniques I use in my energy practice to protect myself, not take on energy around me, and how to tell what is our energy and someone else’s. Another wonderful part of this class is that you will meet others who understand how it is to feel the world on a deep level and sense things that others might not, and you can relax and enjoy being in the company of people who don’t see your senses and gifts as odd or intimidating. Please contact me if you would like more information or would like to register for this class.

Please note that those who have taken Reiki classes from me have learned some of the techniques discussed, but this class focuses on skills for joyous living as a sensitive person/empath.

The fee for this workshop is $75.00 and includes a light lunch and written information.

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Basic Meditation Workshop

Meditation can be for everyone who wants to learn it since there are many types of meditations from which to choose. It can help with stress, and there are other physical and emotional benefits as well. This is a three hour workshop designed to introduce participants to various types of meditations and teach them techniques for each type. Handouts with descriptions and related information are included as well so that participants will have reference sheets to use at home.

This workshop is perfect for individuals, groups, and businesses. I can come to a business, church, or meeting place for groups over 6, and for smaller groups it is in my home.

Included in this workshop are the following:

  • Discussion of benefits and cautions related to meditation
  • List and description of various types of meditations
  • Handouts with information for reference during the workshop and at home
  • Practice with guided meditations
  • Practice with various other types of meditations
  • Suggestions for home meditations

The workshop fee is $20 per participant up to four people, and for groups of five or more the fee is $18 per participant. Please contact me more information or to set up a workshop.

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Exploring the Chakras

This class is designed for those who aren't familiar with chakras and want to learn to work with them, but also for those who do energy work and have a basic understanding of chakras. We will go more in depth than we do in Reiki or shamanic classes. We will cover the following topics during this one day class.

  • Definition and locations of chakras
  • Functions and relationships of the seven main chakras to our health
  • Importance of keeping chakras balanced and healthy
  • Techniques for keeping chakras clear and open, including releasing stuck energy
  • Simple meditation technique and practice for getting all of the chakras open and flowing together

Materials include the following:

  • Written materials and instruction
  • Practice time for clearing techniques presented
  • Full color laminated chakra reference chart with locations and functions of seven main chakras

The class fee is $100 and I provide lunch and snacks. Class usually meets from 10am-5pm, but time can be adjusted if necessary. One half of the fee is due upon registration and is nonrefundable, but can be applied toward a future class if cancellation is required.

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Spirit Energy Painting Workshop

I am excited to announce a new workshop! This is different than all of my other classes in that participants will be creating a painting that will be theirs to take home. NOTE: this workshop is NOT about artistic ability at all! We will be filling the room with Reiki and asking our guides to come paint through us, so even if you have never held a paintbrush and are terrified to paint a picture you can create the perfect picture just for you!

This workshop is for relaxation, fun, and will be a time to step back and let our guides create the picture that is just for us, and there is no art instruction to follow or paintings to copy. I will provide the following:

  • an 8"x20" stretched canvas for you to take home
  • acrylic paints in many pretty colors you can choose from
  • a tray for your colors
  • various brushes to use
  • a table easel to use
  • instruction and assistance for you to allow positive, relaxing energy to flow as you paint

* You do not have to be an artist, Reiki or shamanic practitioner to enjoy this workshop and end up with a picture that is meaningful to you.

This workshop will be three hours long and open to anyone interested in creating an energy painting. The fee is $25 per person, and workshop size is limited to 6 people. Groups of 4 or more will receive the group rate of $20.

NOTE: If you'd like an energy painting and truly don't want to try one yourself, please let me know. I can let your guides paint through me for you.

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