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Shamanic Services / Classes

Shamanic ServicesShamanic techniques are generally a bit different than Reiki techniques, but work well as part of a Reiki session or separately as a ceremony in which I work with my guides to help clients either welcome back parts of themselves that may be missing, remember what they are here in this life to accomplish, or to help them release energy that may be held around or inside them. Generally I have the client relax on my Reiki table while I journey for whatever is appropriate for them at that time. A journey is similar to a meditative state where I journey to my guides and ask them to bring whatever whatever the client needs to share with him or her, and I work closely with guides and compassionate spirits to learn whatever is needed for the person to begin or continue his or her healing work.

Although some use the word shaman to only refer to Native American or other indigenous tribal healers or medicine people, the term generally refers to one who works in the worlds of living people and the spirit world with guides while in a particular type of meditative state. There is often a simple ceremony involved, and the person is given information to use to embark on his or her healing path. Some who are not Native American or of indigenous tribes are called to do shamanic work, and I was called to do this work many years ago. Since then I have studied with ethical and knowledgeable shamanic practitioners and learned much from my guides, and I offer shamanic services because I have experienced what a profound difference they can make in a person’s life and want to share with those who wish to experience it as well.

Shamanic Services Offered

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic ceremony/technique during which I ask my guides to bring you back any whole and pure parts of yourself that may have left to be safe during some traumatic event in your life. The event may be something obviously traumatic or something that didn’t seem too traumatic at the time, but still causes a part, or aspect of you to leave to avoid damage. Some examples might be an illness, accident, loss, divorce, or any event where a person might be changed or lose a part of his or her innocence, as in, “after that happened I felt as if I could never trust again” or “I have been terrified that if I drove I would be hit again”. Often people will not realize what has changed about themselves, but will just feel that something is missing.

When I perform a soul retrieval ceremony, you simply relax on the Reiki table and I journey for you to ask that I be given whatever you need at that time in your life. When I am finished I return the fragments/aspects that you need back at that time in your life and share with you what my guides asked me to pass on to you as a healing story for you to consider. When you have those parts back that you need you can live a fuller life and welcome the parts of yourself back to stay and help you feel whole again.

After a soul retrieval information regarding what was in your healing story may take a few weeks or even months to fully process, but since the fragments/aspects of you weren’t ones I chose for you, but instead were brought to me for you, they will have.

Please allow two hours of time for your soul retrieval, since you will want time to process after. If you feel this service is right for you or would like more information, please contact me.

Soul Remembrance

Soul Remembrance is a shamanic ceremony during which I journey for you while you lie comfortably on my Reiki table. I ask my guides to bring to me the basic purpose you came in to achieve, perform, or experience during this lifetime. This can be a profound experience that can help clients understand why they may be drawn to a certain situation or occupation, clarify what path they are on, or help them embrace a part of themselves that they had tried to dismiss as unnecessary. I also ask for any challenges you are here to overcome in this lifetime so you can be aware of the importance of why patterns in your life may repeat themselves or obstacles keep returning. After the journey I bring you back what the guides brought me to give to you with a healing story that you can use to enhance your life and move forward.

Sometimes people ask for a soul remembrance if they have felt lost or as if they are stuck and can’t seem to find the path they want to take or what their purpose is in life. I have seen clients reassured that there is a reason they have always loved a particular activity or career and other clients realize why they have felt lost or stuck. Either way, soul remembrance can be a powerful tool to help us live as we were meant to and move out of negative patterns we may have been repeating for years.

Please allow two hours of time for your soul remembrance, since you will want time to process after I give you the healing story. If you feel this service is right for you or would like more information, please contact me.

Retrieval of Power Animal, Animal or Spirit Guide, or Messenger

This is a ceremony in which you relax on my Reiki table and I journey for you to bring back an animal guide, messenger, or spirit guide for you. I ask my guides to bring any guides that are appropriate for you at that time. Sometimes when we are experiencing a difficult time in our lives we could use a bit of help along the way, or you may simply wish to find a wise companion who is available to bring a message or walk with you on your path. If you are interested in this service, pleaes contact me.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression as I provide it is a process where a client wishes to know the basis for an issue, fear, or connection to another person that isn't accounted for in this life. Although it is not a shamanic ceremony per se, I provide this service using shamanic techniques. The client relaxes as she or he is led to find a guide to assist with the process after the intention for the journey back to the appropriate time/place is set. The client does not engage with or experience whatever happened in that past life, but simply observes and learns. I journey with the client and guide to make sure all goes well and that all questions are answered, and then client and the guide come back to the present. Since no one gets involved with whatever happened before, but the needed memories are intact, the client can understand why something has been so hard and can heal and move forward.

Shamanic Classes/Workshops Offered

A list of shamanic and related classes and workshops that I offer are below the Reiki classes I offer on my Reiki Classes page.

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